Design and development of the Brand identity

Brand Identity

What does Brand Identity consist of?

The brand identity is above all a concept of marketing, which provides that. the identity of a company is solid and effective so that the target audience can recognize the brand. In short, the Brand identity is the trade name or symbol that distinguishes a product.
Each brand identity can evoke both negative and positive feelings to each individual, which is why it is very important to have a good brand identity.

The recognition of a brand is closely linked to the reputation of the customers.
Before proceeding with the creation of a solid brand identity it is very important to establish some main points:
• Your Mission
• The values ​​of your company
• The identity and personality of your brand
• Your placement
These are just some basic elements that will define your brand, which is why before proceeding with the design it is important to have a clear understanding of it.
Once you have determined the essential points to start creating a good identity, we can start with the 0 design.

Design-Art supports you 360 ° in the conception and development of a solid brand identity, because the success of a company starts from here.

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A brand is a set of ideas coherent in the mind of a customer.

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How does the creation of a good brand identity work?

Once you have purchased the “Brand Identity” package, you will be advised by one of our experts who will ask you for some information on the brand identity you want to create.
The essential elements for creating an excellent brand identity are listed above, do not worry if you have not yet defined these elements we can help you in this.

Our expert will be able to advise you and assist you in defining the main points.
Once we have defined the essential points we can start with the creation of the main logo of your company.
The logo of a company is a brand must excel in originality and quality. From the design of the logo the whole brand identity will be based, this is where we start to give an identity to your brand.
A good logo must have the following characteristics:
simple, single, recognizable, functional, balanced.

After having defined the company logo, we can start working on everything that the logo is linked to:
• Business cards
• Letterhead
• Envelopes
• Cover for social pages
• Email template
• Brand style guide
Design-Art has for years been specialized in creating and creating brand identity and logo design.

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